Celebrity Dance Competitions, LLC is one of the premier dance companies in the world with events nationwide and nationals on board beautiful cruise ships. In 2004, Drew Phillip was named Director of Celebrity, and with the Celebrity Team has upheld the vision of the company. This vision provides participants, studio owners, teachers and parents with a personalized competition experience where everyone feels like a Celebrity! This can be experienced through the Celebrity Brands including: regional dance competitions, Celebrity Dance Competitions; a ready-to-wear and dance apparel line, Celebrity & Company; and a national competition like no other, Celebrity Nationals at Sea.

In 2013 Celebrity made the bold move to expand into the convention world, launching Celebrity Dance Conventions. Now Celebrity has a full convention tour in the fall where dancers are inspired, challenged and supported by the industry’s most talented educators. While the future of Celebrity is limitless, the company will always maintain its vision in everything to come, treating everyone as the Celebrity they are. Come experience what it means to be a Celebrity!

Celebrity Dance…Where Every Dancer is a Celebrity!

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3620 N. 3rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013

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