Celebrity Dance Competitions has created a vision that involves the participant, the studio owner, teachers & parents. Celebrity Competitions will provide a personal competition where everyone feels like a Celebrity. This includes personal service, lower entry costs, lower travel costs, trophies, scholarships and cash prizes, attention to all participants, a positive environment, t-shirts for all competitors, a national competition unlike any other competition group, plus much more.

The Celebrity Treatment

Celebrity Club

Enjoy a private oasis for teachers and studio owners!

Free T-Shirt

Every dancer gets a free Celebrity Dance T-Shirt!

Photos & Video

All competitors will receive their routine photos and videos complimentary!


Top 3 routines in each category receive a trophy!

Dancer Medal

Every dancer receives a medal for every dance!


And there’s so much more!

What It Means To Be A Celebrity
Competition Information
Rules & Regulations
Celebrity DanceDown
Celebrity Spirit & Awards

What It Means To Be A Celebrity

FUN & POSITIVE: When you arrive at a Celebrity Event, you will experience what it means to be a Celebrity. We have set the stage for an on time, high energy event. Our fun and positive environment allows your dancers to showcase their talent and grow through their performance.

A GIFT FOR DANCERS: Every dancer at Celebrity Dance Competitions is a Celebrity! To help make every dancer feel like the Celebrity they are, each will be greeted with a Celebrity Shirt. This is a gift from Celebrity that changes every dance season. Be sure to join us on the Celebrity Tour to pick up your complimentary Celebrity Souvenir Shirt.

ON TIME: Celebrity is an on time event. Every routine will be given an exact time for dancing and exact times for awards. No windows and guessing when you will be dancing.

INCENTIVES: Celebrity knows that dance team directors, teachers and studio owners work very hard during the year and they are Celebrities too! This is why we have special gifts, incentives, Celebrity Online Registration and Celebrity Club just for you.

TROPHIES & MEDALS: At Celebrity we understand how much time and hard work goes into every routine that takes the stage. We feel that this hard work should be recognized. We award our Celebrity Trophies to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category and age division and, in addition to trophies, every dancer receives a medal for each routine they perform in. We feel these medals will be a memorable reward for all of their hard work and dedication.

CELEBRITY DANCEDOWN: To help our Celebrity Dancers grow in the industry, we invite all our participants to join us on stage for the Celebrity DanceDown. This is a chance for dancers to show our Celebrity Judges who they are. Participants will be taught a high energy routine. They will then perform it on stage and the Celebrity Judges will narrow down the dancers as our exciting audition process continues. At the end of the audition, dancers will be awarded prizes and scholarships from our Celebrity Sponsors.

CELEBRITY JUDGES: Celebrity has the best Celebrity Judges in the industry so we will provide the best Celebrity Critiques. In order to further ensure dancers are getting the most out of their critiques and growing in their technique and performance, Celebrity will use video critiques. This will allow teachers and students to see what the judges are referring to as it happens.

NATIONALS AT SEA: By participating in a Celebrity Regional Event, you will earn the right to compete against dancers from around the world on board Nationals at Sea. Nationals at Sea is a national competition like no other on board a beautiful cruise ship. Nationals at Sea includes parties, shows, entertainment, master classes, tickets to competition, beautiful ports of call, all meals and is sure to be a vacation for the whole family!

PHOTO & VIDEO: Take the stage and Celebrity Paparazzi will capture the moment. For all Celebrity Regional Events, photos and videos will be provided complimentary for dancers through their Celebrity Online Account. Dancers will be able to download photos and videos, for the routines they are registered in, approximately 5 days after the event.

MARLEY: Celebrity uses Harlequin flooring at all Celebrity Events. This helps to ensure our Celebrity Dancers are performing on the best marley flooring nationwide.

Competition Information


  • Ballet: Routines must consist of ballet or pointe technique.
  • Jazz: A routine that demonstrates jazz technique and style.
  • Hip Hop: A routine that utilizes hip hop, break and street type moves.
  • Lyrical: A routine demonstrating lyrical technique and contemporary dance.
  • Tap: A routine consisting of tap technique and tap work.
  • Contemporary: A routine that demonstrates contemporary or modern dance styles.
  • Character: A routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song or character from a Broadway show, movie, musical or similar.
  • Pom/Cheer: A group routine using precise and definite movement. Acrobatics allowed, no stunts or tosses allowed.
  • Folk: A routine consisting of cultural or folkloric technique and style.
  • Song & Dance: A routine that contains both singing and any style of dance tap, jazz, character, etcetera. This is the only division that permits singing with a live microphone. Celebrity will provide two wireless microphones. No lead vocals permitted on CD, backup voices will be permitted. This category will be judged on vocals and dance.
  • Acro: A routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, handstands, chest rolls or similar. This category will be judged on dance and acrobatic ability.
  • Open: A routine that demonstrates dance style or combination of dance styles including: ethnic, acro, gymnastics, novelty, character, etcetera.
  • Icon: This category is reserved for any dancer with a disability. Everyone’s disabilities might be different, but there is a common desire to dance and this space is revered for that.
  • Production: A production demonstrating any dance style or combination of dance styles. Production category has a time limit maximum of 8:00 minutes and MUST be a large group.
  • Showcase: A non-competition category where teachers, studio owners and adults can showcase their talents for critiques only. Trophies awarded.
  • Photogenic: To enter the photo category, please bring 2 photographs to the first day of competition for your event with a separate registration form with photo marked. The photo category is $25 per entry. Photos will not be returned.


  • Solos 1 Dancer: two minutes and forty five seconds maximum, 2:45
  • Duo/Trio 2-3 Dancers: three minutes maximum, 3:00
  • Small Group 4-9 Dancers: three minutes maximum, 3:00
  • Medium Group 10-18 Dancers: three minutes maximum, 3:00
  • Large Group 19 & Up: four minutes maximum, 4:00
  • Production 19 & Up: eight minutes maximum, 8:00

DIVISIONS: There are nine age divisions in all categories. Please read the age requirements to evaluate where your competition groups will be placed.

  • Mini Division: 3 – 4.99
  • Pre-junior Division: 5 – 6.99
  • Junior Division: 7 – 8.99
  • Intermediate Division: 9 – 10.99
  • Preteen Division: 11 – 12.99
  • Teen Division: 13 – 14.99
  • Senior Division: 15 – 16.99
  • Premier Division: 17 – 19.99
  • Adult Division: 20 & up

Age is determined by actual age as of January 1 of that competition year. Age is an average of all competitors within that number. All ages should be added together then divided by the number of performers to determine placement. Failure to comply can result in disqualification.

Rules & Regulations

Please read carefully. Failure to comply may result in loss of points or disqualification. By entering Celebrity Dance Competitions, you accept all policies and guidelines set forth.

COMPETITION ADMISSION: Audience admission is free for all regional competitions. For Nationals at Sea Events, passengers and competitors must be booked through Celebrity to compete or view competition.


  • There is no limit to the number of entries per studio.
  • All routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Inappropriate routines will have a deduction of points.
  • No teacher is allowed to compete. Teachers may dance in the showcase category.
  • Dancers may compete in more than one city.
  • No tap sounds on recordings.
  • No use of dangerous props such as fire, glass, swords, etc.
  • No use of live animals.
  • No scenery.
  • No helium balloons permitted.
  • General props are permitted.
  • The stage must be left clean by the performers.
  • No coaching from the audience.
  • Competing dancers must perform in their scheduled order, unless permission is given otherwise.

VENUES: Professional equipment is used in all locations. Stage and venue sizes vary by location. Please contact Celebrity for the measurements of your performance area.

CRITIQUES: Competition score sheets, routine critiques and your music may be picked up at the Registration Desk. These items will be given to the teacher or studio owner only. By entering Celebrity Competitions, you accept that all decisions by judges are final.

AWARDS: All entries will be adjudicated by three judges. Platinum, high gold, gold, silver and bronze awards will be presented. All platinum, high gold, gold, and silver award winners will be eligible for Celebrity Nationals at Sea. Bronze award winners may dance on board Celebrity Nationals at Sea for critiques only.

ACROBATICS: Ballet routines may not have any gymnastic or acrobatic tricks. Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Contemporary routines may have two acrobatic tricks. All other categories may have unlimited acrobatic tricks. A pass into an acro trick qualifies as one acro movement. Example: round off back handspring. Lifts, illusions and shoulder rolls are NOT considered acrobatic tricks. Acrobatic tricks are defined as a movement learned in an acrobatic class such as cartwheel, forward roll, etcetera. Routines with more than two acrobatic tricks will be placed in the Open category.

MUSIC: At Celebrity all music must be uploaded online in advance. Please log in to your Celebrity Online Account to try this feature. Yet another way Celebrity is going Green. Please bring a backup CD or a backup on USB. Please have all music cued up and ready to start. One track on each CD and no other music on the CD. A 5 point deduction will apply for unedited or uncued music.

SINGING: A live microphone is permitted only in the Song & Dance category. Up to two handheld wireless microphones may be used and will be provided by Celebrity for Song & Dance. The use of a live microphone or tapping into the house sound is not permitted in any other category. Live singing without a microphone is permitted in all other categories where appropriate.

TIES: All ties will be broken by technical score. If there is a tie by technical score, ties will be broken by routine score. If there should be a tie on routine score, the tie will be broken by decision of the judges.

TOUR CALENDAR: Celebrity Dance Competitions has the right to adjust the tour at any time for any reason, this includes dates, times and venues. Regional competition may commence beginning at 8am on Friday and may conclude at 9:30pm on Sunday. If there are unique time constraints that require Celebrity to operate outside of these hours, we will do our best to contact the studio representative during scheduling. The final schedule will be based on event size.

HOTELS: Celebrity secures choice hotels at preferred rates for our guests. These hotel options can be found under your event location. Some rates may include a rebate for Celebrity.

CONDUCT: Dancers should act in an appropriate manner at all times. This includes in the dressing rooms, backstage, on stage and in the audience. All audience members must do the same.

PHOTO & VIDEO: Guests are not permitted to take photos or videos during routines. For Celebrity Regional Events, photos and videos will be provided complimentary for download through Celebrity Dancer Accounts. Dancers will only be able to access photos and videos for the routines they are registered in. Please note that no photos or videos will be provided for pickup at your event. They will be available for download approximately 5 days after your event.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: In an initiative to go Green, Celebrity recommends using the Celebrity Online Registration System to enter competition. Enjoy all the benefits of Celebrity Online Registration and help the world go Green.

  • Enter Routines
  • Enter Birthdays
  • View Welcome Packets
  • Upload Music
  • Print Dance Times
  • Save Time

Click on the Registration Tab at the top of the Celebrity Website to try these features today. Payment can be made by check* or over the phone by credit card. Please call the Celebrity Offices with any questions: 877.326.2394.

ENTRIES: All entries are final and nonrefundable. No exceptions. Please postmark entries 35 days prior to the competition date. No changes may be made to competition entries two weeks prior to the competition date. Entries can be entered through the Celebrity Website or by mail. Competitions will be limited based on time and availability. The competition is open on a first come first served basis. Postmark and registration does not guarantee acceptance. Please mail your entries in early to secure your place at Celebrity Dance Competitions.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payments can be made by check* or credit card.

Make all checks payable to:
Celebrity Dance Competitions, LLC
3620 N. 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013

By entering Celebrity Dance Competitions, it is understood that Celebrity Dance Competitions, Celebrity Competitions, Celebrity Conventions, Celebrity Nationals at Sea and all of its employees, contractors and staff members are not and will not be held responsible for any injury, accident or financial responsibility. The own insurance policy of the competitor will be the only source of reimbursement. This is the same for audience members, guests, family, friends, spectators, studio owners and teachers. Celebrity may use photos and videos from events, competitions, conventions and nationals for promotional use indefinitely. Official studio representative agrees he/she has informed all parents/guardians and spectators of these policies.

*Business and personal checks are only accepted when received 14 days prior to your event. Only checks with secured funds or credit cards will be accepted after the deadline. If funds are not received, competition space will be released.

Celebrity DanceDown


To help our Celebrity Dancers grow in the industry we invite all our participants to join us on stage for the Celebrity DanceDown. This master class doubles as an audition so dancers can show our Celebrity Judges who they really are, while gaining valuable auditioning experience. Participants will be taught a high energy routine on the Celebrity Stage. While they perform it, the Celebrity Judges will be watching for the brightest stars! As the exciting audition process continues, the dancers will be narrowed down to 3 mini, 3 junior and 3 senior winners. Dancers also have the opportunity to be awarded a variety of prizes and scholarships from our Celebrity Sponsors. The Celebrity DanceDown is only $10 for minis and $15 for juniors and seniors to join. Sign up and get your number at Celebrity & Company in the lobby when you arrive to competition. See you on the Celebrity Stage!

Celebrity Spirit & Awards

1ST, 2ND & 3RD PLACE AWARDS: Every routine that competes is placed into a division based on the average age of the dancers, the style of dance and the number of people competing. Each routine is scored by 3 judges on a 100 point scale, for a possible total of 300 points. The top three scores in each category will receive a trophy and every routine will receive medals based on the point value awarded.


OVERALL AWARDS: Celebrity awards the top three scores for Solos, Duo/Trios and Groups in each age division as Celebrity Overall Awards. The style of dance is not considered for these awards except for productions. Trophies are awarded for each of the top three scores.


PRODUCTION AWARDS: Celebrity awards productions with their category awards by age division. For overall awards, production routines will only be scored against other production routines. All age groups will be combined together for production overalls. Production overall awards will take place at the Saturday evening Award Ceremony after the Celebrity DanceDown. Trophies are awarded for each of the top three scores.


MEDAL RANKINGS: Every routine that competes is scored and will receive a medal ranking. Each routine is scored by 3 judges on a 100 point scale, for a possible total of 300 points. Platinum, high gold, gold, silver and bronze awards will be presented based on the following point breakdown: Platinum: 280-300, High Gold: 270-279, Gold: 260-269, Silver: 230-259 and Bronze: 200-229. The top three scores in each category will receive a trophy and every routine will receive medals based on the point value awarded.


CAPEZIO SPIRIT: This award is given to dancers in which the judges believe show Charisma, Attitude, Passion, Energy, Zest, Individuality and Overall Ovation. The dancer will receive a $25 gift card to Capezio.


CELEBRITY SPIRIT: This award is given to a dancer that shows what we call Celebrity Spirit both on and off stage. Celebrity Spirit consists of enjoying life both on and off stage and encouraging others in everything they do.


STUDIO SPIRIT: This award is given to the dance studio that has shown spirit throughout the event. This studio is prepared backstage, friendly to every participant and excited to see every dancer perform.


CELEBRITY DANCEDOWN: Before the final award ceremony on Saturday we will host the Celebrity DanceDown. Dancers can sign up for this event at Celebrity & Company. Every participant will learn a routine from one of our instructors and then split into groups to perform the routine. Our judges will narrow down the groups and then finally choose the top three DanceDown winners in each age division, Mini, Junior and Senior. The winners will receive a bag of gifts from our sponsors.


PHOTOGENIC: Dancers have the opportunity to enter into our Photogenic competition. Participants need to bring two pictures, preferably a headshot and a full body shot, and register at Celebrity & Company when they arrive. Our judges will choose the Photogenic winner and they will receive a gift package from Celebrity. Registration will close at the start of the DanceDown on Saturday evening.


CHOREOGRAPHY: During each awards ceremony, our judges will have the opportunity to pick a routine that they felt was very well choreographed. This award will go to the choreographer of that routine.


COSTUME: A costume award is given when our judges see a costume that is above and beyond all of the rest.


THE CELEBRITY AWARDS: These prestigious specialty awards will be presented to the dancers, group or team that best represent the following 9 categories: C-Choreography Award, E-Entertainment Award, L-Legacy Award, E-Excellence Award, B-Bravo Award, R-Rhythmic Award, I-Intensity Award, T-Technique Award, Y-Young Star Award.


STEPS ON BROADWAY DANCER: The Steps scholarship entitles you to 5 adult and professional level classes from their daily schedule. You can take advantage of classes in jazz, ballet, contemporary, theatre dance or hip hop any time through the end of the year awarded. Congratulations from Steps on Broadway!


CELEBRITY CREW JUNIOR: Celebrity Crew Junior is for the dancer not old enough for the Celebrity Crew but we want to dance on board Nationals at Sea with the Celebrity Staff and Judges. Being a part of Celebrity Crew Junior will allow selected dancers the opportunity to work one on one with professional dancers and choreographers from all across the country, compete one complimentary solo on board Nationals at Sea and perform with Celebrity Staff in the Celebrity Show. Get ready for the opportunity of a lifetime!


CELEBRITY CREW: Celebrity Crew is an opportunity for the chosen dancer to train with our judges, work alongside our staff and perform on board Celebrity Nationals at Sea. It is an internship program we offer dancers that excel in their art, are personable backstage and show an excitement to grow in the dance industry. It is a wonderful learning experience.


FAMILY FRIENDLY: Celebrity is proud to present a competition where teachers and students can express themselves through the many styles of dance. While we promote all styles of dance, we strive to keep our events family friendly. At Celebrity we believe that routines that contain inappropriate material should be penalized. We realize that it is subjective to define what is inappropriate, therefore we have selected to have our Celebrity Judges decide what they believe to be family friendly. If a judge marks on their score sheet that they believe a routine is not appropriate, points will be deducted. The more judges that agree a routine is not appropriate, the higher the point deduction. We hope that we can all work together to keep all Celebrity Events appropriate for our family viewers. Everyone at Celebrity Worldwide would like to thank you in advance for your hard work and dedication to dance and the Celebrity Experience.


CELEBRITY SHIRTS: Every dancer at Celebrity Dance Competitions is a Celebrity! So to help make every dancer feel like the Celebrity they are, each will be greeted with a Celebrity Shirt. This is a gift from Celebrity & our Sponsors that changes every dance season. Be sure to join us at Celebrity this year to pick up your complimentary Celebrity Souvenir Shirt.


CELEBRITY SPIRIT: Celebrity is a fun filled, family friendly, national competition where every dancer is a Celebrity. We will be looking for your Celebrity & Studio Spirit at your Celebrity Event. When you pack your bags do not forget your team jackets, Celebrity Tanks, Celebrity Trends, studio signs and your spirit & energy. See you on the Pink Carpet!